Thursday, October 29, 2009

Figure Drawing

Our assignment for figure drawing class was to create a superhero/villain person with the pose we drew in class. So here is my figure drawing and the comic style version.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

100 Portraits

My friend, DaVinci Volpe, challenged himself with an amazing project! To draw 100 digital painting portraits. Check out his gallery

3D Design - Fantasy Figure

A humanoid alligator fishing a diver with the best bait - pizza!
The assignment was to build a fantasy figure with a story, gesture and background.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Drawing for CG animators

Great Article about the value of drawing for CG animators.

Francis Vellego

A week ago, I went with Charles and Andrew to Francis Vallejo open house. Francis is such a cool guy and he's an amazing artist. Check out his blog, it's awesome.
It was fun to meet and talk with him. I got a few books (that I really wanted for a long time!),a mirror, and two of his drawings (with his signature!!!) Yesterday I found an interview with him on my favorite podcast show.

Francis Vallejo

Charles inside Francis house. (you can see the mirror next to the book shelf)

3D design class - first and second assignment

The first assignment was to build an insect from wires.
Here is my Black Spider with his new meal!

Second assignment - Plain and Edge.
We had to build (with any material we want) a life size body part.
The main rule was to make it with sharp plain pieces...
I choose to make an artist's hand drawing his new creation.
I used a cardboard to do it.

Ringling Bloging

So after many thoughts about it... I will try to post here and update this blog with recent works.
And maybe a thought or two. maybe also some links... we will see.

Two months ago, I started to study at Ringling College of Art and Design, in Florida.
Please feel free to write comments.