Sunday, December 13, 2009

End of first semester :(

It's so weird. I have mix feelings about this break. I'm a bit sad to say goodbye to all the amazing people I met in school and happy to go home and see my family. Life sometimes crazy I guess...
It was a great first semester at Ringling, I feel that I have learned and improved a lot. Can't wait to start traditional animation (TA) next semester!

Now, I'm at the airport, waiting for my flight, thinking about stuff. I found this drawing on my laptop so I thought to share it. This drawing reminds me a fun memory.

Me and Eddie had to stage a pose for figure drawing class. We planned a month before to make something amazing. Unfortunately, it didn't work out and we had to improvise! In the end, it turned-out really well and we got a nice pose and lighting.

Have a great Winter break you all! Miss you!

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