Friday, September 20, 2013

How to push your work beyond the average student!

I got to meet a charming animator, Ryo Wakasugi, at my Pixar summer internship and I was amazed to see how dedicated and passionate he is. I was especially blown away to find out how he pushed himself as a student. Ryo set himself a goal to animate one clip a day during winter break in his last year at school (SF Academy of Art University)! He animated a total of 44 clips showing simple ideas and characters. Once the day was over, Ryo stopped and moved on to the next animation without looking back! He was so excited to complete his goal that he even animated during Christmas, New year and HIS BIRTHDAY!
Crazy guy! but passionate nonetheless!

I think he is a wonderful example and inspiration for how every student who wants to push himself outside of school work can easily do it. Ryo didn't care about making it for his demoreel - it was for himself.

Here is the link to his 44 clips: